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Sacramento homes for sale

The Sacramento real estate market changes weekly. You need a good website to find out what is going on within the local market. This is the website for you if you are thinking of buying or selling a Sacramento home.
The purpose of this site is to help consumers find Sacramento Homes for sale. I will also give updates on the Sacramento real estate market. The inventory and number of homes sold changes every month. It is good for current homeowners and future homeowners to know where the real estate market is heading to. All you have to do is go to the tabs up above, and you can find all the homes for sale in Sacramento county. Search for homes for sale in Sacramento here.

Search for Homes for sale on your smartphone.

A person can text the word gordon cuffe to 35620 to receive an app on their phone to allow them to search for all the homes for sale on the
Sacramento mls.

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outlook for 2014 for California

Here are the stats from CA Association of realtors.


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History of Sacramento county real estate

I am showing this graph to show you how volatile the real estate market in Sacramento has been the last 35 years. A person is much better off using a professional to sell their home. You need to know if the market prices are heading up or down when you list your home for sale. You will have a much better chance of selling if you price your home correctly. If you want to get an idea of how much your home is worth, please call me at 916-261-2381.


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More homes for sale in Sacramento

We have seen an increase in the number of homes for sale in Sacramento county every month in 2013. We had 2675 homes for sale in Sacramento county as of the end of August 2013. That is a 13% increase in the number of homes for sale in the area. We will soon see the end of crazy price appreciation once the number of homes for sale increases in the next three months. It will be winter and more homes on the market so the sellers will stop seeing price appreciation. That is actually a good thing. Appreciation is great as long as it isn’t so high that the new home buyers can not afford to buy a home anymore. We already have less homeowners underwater so as less people are underwater it means that they can put their homes up for sale. If you are ready to sell your home in the Sacramento area, please call me at 916-261-2381 and I can sell it fast.

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More homes for sale in Sacramento county

We are finally seeing more homes for sale on the Sacramento mls. We had 2019 homes for sale in Sacramento in June 2013. That is a 19.2% increase from the month before. We were at the lowest number of listings in December 2012, when we had 1244 homes for sale. We are seeing a new trend. We have had six months in a row where the number of homes for sale has increased. This is great news for home buyers. It has been very frustrating for the home buyers the last six months. Many homes have been receiving multiple offers on them. Hopefully we will see more homes added to our inventory of the next several months so that home buyers have a chance to make an offer on a home they fall in love with.
If you have been on the fence about selling your home, you should hurry up a sell now before it turns into a buyers market again. Home values have gone up a lot the last 12 months. Now is your chance to cash in on the extra appreciation and sell fast now. You can call me at 916-261-2381 if you want to find out how much to list your home for. Here is the graph showing the number of listings on our mls the last 15 months.

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Sacramento housing leads the nation

At least Sacramento is leading the nation in something. We still have a higher unemployment rate than the national average but we a leading the nation in home value increases. I told people back in April 2012 that we will start to see price appreciation based on the data I had. Most people do not listen to me so they say values go up while they stood on the sidelines and did not purchase a home. Here is a video from some so called experts talking about Sacramento’s housing market. It is a great time to sell your home in Sacramento county. If you want to sell fast, then call me at 916-261-2381.

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Appreciation in Sacramento again

Now everybody is talking about appreciation around Sacramento county for the first time since 2005. We should start seeing the crazy buyers out there trying to make a fast buck. These will be the new investors who dont remember the crash of 2007. Our values are going up right now that is for sure. The only difference this time is that we dont have crazy loan programs to help fuel out of this world new price highs. We dont have the loan programs of the past llike the 1% option arm loan. We dont have the no income qualifying loans. We dont have the negative amoritization loans also. So once the payments on the home prices get to high for people to afford ,we will see the stop of the rapid price appreciation. Once mortgage interest rates go up that will help with the slowing of the appreciation rate. I found a graph so the appreciation rates of all the states across America.

Now that people are reading that the market is hot ,they will try to sell their homes by themselves. The one major problem with that is 99% of all home buyers go to the multiple listing service to find a home to buy. These home for sale by owner type of people think that they can put a sign in the frontyard and post an ad on craigslist to sell their house. It just isnt that easy. Your property just doesnt reach enough people when trying to sell a house. The only way to reach the most buyers on the planet is to place your home on mls. No one wants to pay the mechanic to fix their car or ac guy to repair air conditioner at home but you have to unless you know how to do these things. It is the same with selling a house. If you are not familiar with the real estate purchase contracts and the required state seller disclosures, then you should list your home with a Sacramento Realtor.

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I have been frustrated by lack on inventory

I have been very frustrated by the lack of housing inventory in the Sacramento county area. I finally found some hope that maybe we will see some more homes for sale
in 2013. I found a case shilling graph showing that there are still many homeowner in the foreclosure situation. The banks cant save them all and I will bet many homeowners will
give up trying to save their homes. Here is a graph showing how the foreclosure rate peaked in 2010 but it is still very high compared to history.

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Area home market is improving

In the early part of 2012, I told a few people who would listen to me that the market has changed. I said gone are the days when you could send out 5 offers and get them all accepted. The inventory of homes had dropped significantly since 2011. Look who is on the good news band wagon now. It is the Sacramento Bee. They wrote up an article about how the market shows
improvement. The market right now is very tough for home buyers. There is a shortage of homes for sale on the Sacramento mls. I hear everyday how investors are submitting
many many offers and they are not getting accepted because some cash buyer offered a higher price for the house. I just searched for homes for sale under 100k in the 95841 zip code and nothing showed up. Last year you could find 5 or 6 homes for sale under 100k. Now the cheapest home in the 95841 zip code costs $125,000.0 and the place is a dump. I dont mean a mild fixer upper. The place is an outright freaking dump. It is close to a tear down. The next Sacramento Bee article should read “area’s home market is crazy”. If you want to read the article about the Sacramento housing market then go to article.

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Sell your home fast in Sacramento

Did you know that we need more homes to sell in Sacramento? If you have been waiting to sell your home, well now is the perfect time to sell. Many of the homes
for sale on the Sacramento mls have been receiving multiple offers on them. It hasnt been this easy to sell a home in Sacramento county since 2005. Home values have finally started to move upward. You will propbably be surprised on how much you could get for your house these days. If you want to sell your house fast in Sacramento then go to
You can receive an offer in one day.

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Remodeled home for sale in Citrus Heights CA

I have a remodeled home for sale at 6040 Shawnda Ct. Citrus Heights CA 95621. It has all new kitchen cabinets, new granite counter tops. New laminate flooring along with new tile in both
bathrooms. This home is not a short sale or a bank owned property. You can own this home with as little as 3% down. Call Gordon at 916-261-2381 to view this home today. There are not very
many homes for sale right now so call quickly before it is too late. The sales price is $159,000.00. The house also has a side yard wide enough for rv or boat parking. It is also located in a quiet court so it is safe for kids.

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